Change is Emotional!

People live by the norms that they have developed at home and at work. To be effective change must address the factors that motivate people, develop necessary skills, consider socio factors, and position role models and positive influencers as enablers. Unfortunately models alone don't give you a recipe to do this. It comes with practice. It must be practical. It comes with experience. 

I face that in the fire service with every deployment. Each is an unknown and must be "sized up". My experience presents a unique perspective for change. I am sensitized to people under strain who are faced with life changing situations. They  are thrust into a abrupt and unnatural situations. Patience, professionalism, caring, and practice yield results. Said differently change must have an empathetic intersection with the needs of people.  

I am prepared to leverage this knowledge to support your change needs, your transformation initiatives. 

Lean2 Consulting blends the best of Process Excellence, Quality Implementation, and Strategy to create a winning combination for your customer and your business.

With a unique offering of Talent Mapping and Process Efficiencies methodology, augmented with experiential coaching, Lean2 has you in very capable hands – your own. 

The combination of Process, Talent, and Managed Change always work because they’re a reflection of what people already know, to not change is stagnation.