Facilitating Change Through Active Engagement

After a 40 year corporate career, I have opened my own consultancy. This, with no reservation, has been the highlight of my career. Throughout my career I was fortunate to meet many talented and dynamic leaders. They influenced me personally and it has become my passion to pay forward their kindness through my efforts in Lean2 Business Consulting.

I focus on small to mid sized businesses who have the appetite and passion to take their business to the next level of performance. Those who would like a partner in this desire have come to the right place. I will apply the lessons learned and knowledge from my corporate career to your advantage.

More that just problem-solving, Lean 2 is a dynamic business process improvement method that incorporates the most important enablers for success: Process, Talent, and Change Managment.  This approach produces results which are embraced and adopted, the real goal of any change effort. Change in the absence of adoption may revert to the old. I will act as your coach to achieve industry standards of excellence, to identify the true opportunities, and then chart a course to achieve your goals.

As a volunteer firefighter, I understand that problem resolution requires hands-on involvement, action. It's challenging. It's transformational. It saves lives. It's overwhelming requiring tough decisions that define the future for people. As a firefighter I have learned that efficiency and nimbleness is the key to rapid and effective decisions. We must perform our specific roles and are expected to deliver to a high degree of excellence. We train, we practice, and we work in a state of harmony to serve our communities.

Business must serve customers with the same sense of urgency, harmony, efficiency, and excellence. Business must make tough decisions to transform, to be competitive, and grow. It must be nimble and include people, process, and change in its decisions through a synchronized approach to continuous improvement. It must generate adoption.

My lessons from business and as a firefighter are more than similar. They are the same and I will leverage these life lessons to deliver your transformational goals. I will do this through a hands on experience and pass on my skills to reach your goals.

One can't prescribe a solution, rather must take ownership and implement it and prevention is the cure, just like in our firehall. My methodology is to enable self-sufficiency through practice and through a joint commitment between management and our stated goals. This is my contract with you!

I would be honored to spend some time talking to you about the potential within your business and how we can partner to your success. I am committed to a successful engagement, one that enables your goals and mission.

Please take a moment to navigate through my website to see what I offer.

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