With a 40-year career of successes (and occasional failures, too) it's become second nature to guide process and procedure through ... Take it from these fine fellows:

Rich’s depth of knowledge on process and management issues alone, coupled with the Black Belt expertise, would be more than enough to recommend him heartily and unreservedly. But ... he’s also a great human being and fun to work with - even in the direst of circumstances.
— Barry Massey, Healthcare Consultant at Xerox
I had the honor of having Dick as my coach. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable of lean six sigma methodologies, but his keen awareness and insight into team dynamics is second to none. Working with Dick transformed the way I approach and tackle problems, and I look forward to having an opportunity to work on projects with him in the future.
— Lisa Evans, Vice President of Marketing & Customer Engagement at Texas Mutual Insurance Company
I have worked with Richard for a number of years. He demonstrates very deep knowledge in Lean Six Sigma and is one of those rare individuals who has skills in both the technical and management/human aspects of Lean Six Sigma implementations. His advice to me on how to make Lean Six Sigma work in everyday management has been invaluable.
— Max Isaac CEO, 3Circle Partners
Rich’s knowledge of Lean Six Sigma is second to none. His ability to synthesize complex issues and reduce them to targeted, actionable strategies is a wonderful skill. Rich is a mentor who can give sound, solid advice and recommendations after receiving only bits of information. As a Master Black Belt, he has the technical strength to tangle with PhD level statisticians, yet reduce findings that can be communicated to front line production staff. This rare and wonderful skill makes him a rare find in any industry. I can recommend Rich without hesitation.
— Stephanie Grasty, Compliance Advisor
I have had the pleasure of working with Rich for almost a year now, but have known him for several more. He is an energetic and motivating mentor, a superb instructor and highly skilled coach. I feel fortunate to be associated with him, and value every interaction.
— Patricia Hill, Master Black Belt
Rich has provided me with a unique perspective on blended learning in the work environment, and has given me invaluable advice over the past year that has been instrumental in shaping our Lean Six Sigma learning program at Best Buy. I would consider Rich a great partner and teacher.
— Paul Langlois, Global Deployment Leader
I was fortunate to have Dick as my LSS certification project advisor shortly before I moved on from Xerox.

I’m sure there are lots of LSS consultants in the world who are full of buzzwords, fake smiles, and corporate speak. Dick isn’t one of them. His guidance was focused on the principles of LSS, not the jargon. He kept me grounded and helped me to understand how to actually solve problems, not just talk about how they might be solved. There was no fluff given and none taken, which is what you need for actual results and useful training.

I’m so glad I got the chance to learn from him! I know that I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor.
— David Frye, Technical Writer Senior Analyst Accenture