Building a Team Environment

Lean2 Problem Solving Approach

Your business is unique. It has grown and evolved over time. You and your employees have managed the change and evolution, leveraging existing processes and creating new ones. Simply, you have merged legacy behaviors with new needed behaviors. But is it working? Could it be better?

These behaviors could be reconciled. And when reconciled, greater efficiency and growth can emerge. The team dynamic can be leveraged.

Lean2 appreciates the legacy and the new. Lean2 knows that the legacy has value and that the legacy may be hindering the progress you are looking for. Lean2 looks to your team, the employees that know how it runs and how to run it, and works to uncover and evaluate the current ways. And with the team, Lean2 introduces how change can benefit the team, the work, the company. Managing this dynamic is a cornerstone for any company looking forward, looking to grow, needing to change.

With Lean2 Consulting, the focus is on the company culture and team dynamic. Lean2 has the methodology, but is here to partner with your desires. Lean2 delivers change by leveraging the team. In addition, Lean2 commits that when the job is completed, the team is enabled with the skills to continue the journey, seeking the new, not settling for the old.

Lean 2 delivers results using the tenants of Process, Talent, and Change Management in every engagement. The right amount of methodology is employed along with your subject matter knowledge to define and deploy the changes, the improvements. 

Coaching for the Team and the Individual

Company/Team Coaching

Lean2 provides coaching to serve the needs of your change agenda while enhancing the talents of your team. Working with your team and individuals, Lean2 fosters and promotes the skills that drive clear problem solving, thoughtful decision making, and higher balance to improve team performance.

Leveraging experience and industry best practices, the Lean2 Coaching methodology embarks on the self-discovery adventure--how the self-dynamics interact with the team and corporate dynamics—introduces developmental paths known and unknown, and fosters greater self awareness and confidence.

Individual/Performance Coaching

An improved Quality of work life results in a more engaging and healthy workplace. Coaching is a means to achieve your own level of excellence and to feel a sense of contribution in both work and personal life.

Lean2 Performance Coaching offers proven methodologies and tools that build skills and proficiencies that can further your career goals and ambitions, improve your skill set, and get you to the next level. 

Instruction and Curriculum Development

No two businesses approach skills development in the same way. Each has its own culture and unique way to approach employee development. Lean2 instruction compliments its skills and proficiency coaching with industry and educational standard instruction or with custom materials that support your business culture. Leveraging the partnership between student and instructor the result is a sustaining confidence to meet the problem solving challenges of your business, either as a certified Green Belt or practitioner.