Meet Richard Manca

Richard Manca


My passions for excellence, and community service don't stop there. I am committed to a better understanding of myself. I seek that in the solitude of quiet spaces. Places where ones mind is allowed to focus internally, to reflect. This understanding of self is an enabler. It enables me to leverage experiences to provide a unique approach that goes beyond the what and enables the how.


With experience, ranging from product design and development, Manufacturing Business Operations, Supply Chain, Time to Market Governance, as well as a pioneer in bringing forth the corporate adoption of Lean Six Sigma, I offer a broad and deep understanding of business challenges and pathways to achieving success despite the challenges. I am an adjunct professor at Evangel University where I bring these skills to life and evergreen.

I see a strong relationship between community service and problem solving. Both require an understanding of oneself, what you do well, or are still learning, the significance of a well stated problem, and that change is inevitable. I approach every challenge with this in mind. I balance the "Socio-Technical" to ensure solutions that have balance, harmony, and focus on people and business. In the absence of balance we limit our success. 

I believe that people come to work every day wanting to do a good job and know how important their contribution is to long-term stability. The challenge is that your business is under constant pressure to improve throughput, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction all at the same time. All must come together in your solution.


3 PART APPROACH:  Talent Mapping / Process Integration / Change Management 

Talent Mapping

The Lean2 Approach has 3 components, starting with Talent. Your Talent. Your talent pool / teams are there and ready, and with Lean2 Team Composite Mapping, alignment by strengths brings a new synergy, enabling a balancing and rewarding environment where your professionals can and will succeed with greater ease and greater efficiency. 

Process Integration

The second component is process-based. It has been said, ‘A problem well stated is a problem half-solved’, Einstein.  Where most seem to recoil, Lean2 directly engages the team – those who know – to frame the  what is – the map. They know it. They own it.

Change Management

This is the Lean2 differentiator.  Talent Mapping is combined with Process Expertise and Change Management becomes the spark that drives the change, enables the change and ensures that change is sustained. Leveraging methodologies and Lean2 coaching, the how is illuminated – the path appears. Momentum is created. 

Solutions exist within every person!